Allie Bridge

Originally from the North West of England, I worked as a Senior Medical Receptionist for 4 years. It was here I learnt how much I enjoyed working as part of the community to offer help and guidance.

I moved to Perth in May 2014 with three year old Ethan and one on the way... in the August little Bethany came along. I was then a stay at home mum for two years to help my family settle in to a new life and country.

I am glad to say we have done that very successfully, we all love Perth very much. I started working for Baby Sensory in 2016 helping 0-13 month old babies receive the best developmental experiences within the crucial first year of life. During this time I learnt all about early brain and physical development and I found the connection between body and mind amazing.


I am now very much enjoying being part of the Oasis team and being a part of all the wonderful ways it can help you achieve optimal health and wellness.


When I am not at Oasis you can often find me on the beach or seeking out live entertainment, especially comedy, the theatre or live music.

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