Posture Pole Explained!

A posture poll is essentially a half of a foam roller. This exercise is aimed to get you out of that forward punch position that a lot of us have been due to working at a computer all day, been on the iPads, laptops, lots of driving but also even if you're a new mom with lots of Nursing and looking down and so on.
When we're in that forward flexed position for a sustained period of time what this does is it increases the activation of these muscles here which are responsible for holding your head on top of your shoulders. It also means that we get grounded through that pectoral chest region and we get very tight through there and this also decreases that lung capacity that you have.
The posture pole will reverse those postures into a hyper extended state and getting some extension through the cervical spine and extension through the shoulders thoracic and hip region and encourages a parasympathetic state from the nerves so we can get more sympathetic and parasympathetic balance and that's when you're gonna function at your best.